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How to Spruce Up for Spring

How to Spruce Up for Spring

There is just something refreshing that comes about with spring. Once the chilly months are over, the urge spruce up our homes and embrace the new season sets in. You might not know where to begin, but you can start by adding bursts of color and intriguing patterns to effortlessly transition into spring. Keep reading for a few more tips!

Paint your walls

Changing your walls is among the easiest ways of embracing the onset of spring. Incorporate bright and soft colors to have a beautiful palette. You can also have accent walls for an easy yet substantial makeover. Finish up with beautiful furniture and rugs.

Spruce it up with wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to your room will elevate its aesthetic to a whole new level. This is a very easy and rejuvenating update to your room. You can opt for the peel and stick type that can easily be removed for the next update.

Play with pattern

Tip the style scales by adding a little pattern to your living room by getting intricately designed rugs to compliment your walls and furniture. You can add a little dose of style by updating your existing rug. All you need to do is line your rug with clean outlines of a geometric pattern and apply latex paint on the exterior.

Revamp your bedroom

Add a little pattern to your headboard by using fabric that has floral prints. You can also add pattern filled picture frames to an otherwise bare wall. Also don’t forget to add glitz and glamor to your dresser and bedside table.

More tips

  • Add plants to your house
  • Embrace art
  • Use lighter fabrics